I am a health and fitness lover over 20 years in the industry, I help Fit Pros to grow online.

    Before Online Business Accelerator, I was coaching in weight loss and fitness online.

    My business was very up and down in terms of revenue.

    I was trying various strategies on social media to make it work but felt like I was stuck in a loop of trying to do all of the things online properly, with very little to show for it.

    I had not grown up with computers at school and it just all seemed so daunting to me trying to build a proper business online and feeling too old and ill equipped for it.

    Even when I did get the hang of some of the tech aspects of my online business, I still felt stuck within myself and my belief in myself and what I was capable of.


    My biggest fears were being called out online by “haters” or me not being perfect at everything and messing things up, making a fool of myself on camera or in Facebook groups.

    Emotionally it affected my mood a lot cus I was burned out trying to juggle everything to make it work. It felt like I couldn’t fully express myself or get my message across cus of my self doubt and fear of being mocked. It was holding me back.


    Working with Karen changed my life completely she helped me to slowly show the real me online without fear of making mistakes.

    Not only did she help me build profitable social media systems and structures and strategies within my business, the mindset and inner work she covered with me was incredible.


    My self doubt, sabotage, perfectionism and overwhelm began to melt away. Karen coached me deeply on this and it was a game changer for me and my business.

    Karen helped me to see my value and worth and the type clients I deserve to work with. She tirelessly helped me on this and on how to communicate this message on social media when I lacked the confidence to show up properly.


    My business has had a complete makeover. I'm now helping Fit Pros online, this shift was massive for me. In the last 3 months I’ve gone from €2-4K months to €20k month! I am working with the most lovely clients ever!


    I feel so much calmer now even on a day where I have a lot on. I understand social media now and that feels relieving. My day-to-day life looks completely different now. I have amazing clients, steady income, rewarding work and a business model I love.


    I’ve worked with mentors before but Karen is like no other in terms of her support, commitment to your success and her cutting edge social media and digital knowledge.


    If your thinking about signing up to work with her for Online Business Accelerator do it! Karen keeps things simple so you won’t get tech overwhelm which nobody wants!


    Karen is always patient, professional, up to date with the latest changes on social media platforms, adaptive, reliable and genuinely passionate about her client's results.

    Trust me when I say, working with Karen will change your life.



    David joined OBA to gain clarity on how to use social media to grow his business.


    David is passionate about facilitating change in people's lives and wanted to learn how to get his message to a bigger audience.


    Watch David's video to hear about his experience in OBA.

    Online business with social media

    The Outdoors Medical Herbalist

    Medical Herbalist

    Hello, I am Sami, owner of The Outdoors Medical Herbalist brand. I see patients for herbal consultations, Iridology, and nutrition and in December 2019 I created my brand medical herbal teas Outdoors Herbalist. For me, social media was an alien entity that I wasn’t able to understand nor navigate. I couldn’t understand algorithms, nor what they wanted. So even, knowing I had the products I couldn’t define my place in any of the platforms.

    Many times I thought I was just too old for this and felt really frustrated not been able to reach my ideal audience. Then I met Karen, she is like this strict school teacher, that gives you lots of rules to follow, guidelines and advice, that changes you forever and after 40 years you still remember her and how much she did for you. After 12 weeks I have grown my Facebook page by over 800% and my Instagram by over 200%.


    I am clear to who is my audience, they like the information I can provide them, and they react correctly to my posts.


    Recently I was able to launch my website which is working really well with all the right engagements. I know I still have a long way to go, but for the first time I feel I can understand, what, why, and who I am posting for and I am controlling it. I couldn’t be where I am now with the confidence and knowledge I have without Karen and the Online Business Accelerator. Many thanks, my dear friend.

    Online business accelerator Ireland


    Pharmacist, Herbalist and Naturopath.

    My name is Niamh, I run a pharmacy in Dublin.
    I have been doing this for nearly 15 years now.
    Over the past 5 years I have been moving towards improving the business.

    One of my goals was to improve my digital footprint.
    I was stuck trying to get to grips with social media and how to use it for my business, to connect with my current customers and also gain new customers.
    It was frustrating being stuck.
    Karen coached me through my problems and taught me how to set myself up correctly for multiple social media channels.
    I feel so happy that I have finally worked through some of my barriers.
    As a result, I am posting relevant content daily and my following is growing. I have also set up an online store.
    This is just the beginning!

    Online Yoga Business Ireland


    Yoga Teacher. Teacher Trainer. Women's Health Specialist.

    Karen McCarthy is exactly who you need when navigating your business through the sometimes overwhelming world of social media. Her steady, reassuring guidance supported my confidence and understanding of all that is Facebook/Instagram and how they can work for you.
    I'd highly recommend her work, she's also a really really nice person 🙂

    Online Business Accelerator



    Karen McCarthy grew our business for us very significantly and her ideas, approach, kindness, and attention to detail are all second to none, she's the biz and your biz will grow if you work with her, highly recommended.


    Nutritional Therapist & Natural Chef

    At long last, I found a person that explained listened and mentored me getting my website up. In 2 weeks we got it up and running ... Strikingly .. is fab, easy to use, easy to update and the best part was Karen at the end of the phone ready to help, guide and advise. Thank you, Karen...you are a star.

    Avi Music Singer


    Karen’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does truly inspires me! I have to admit that, as a Singer / Songwriter I always found Social Media and Self -Promotion the hardest part of what I do. Since I met Karen, she has helped me see Social Media, Instagram, Twitter, FB in a different light and it’s thanks to her dedication, time and genuine belief in what she does! Like many people, I hate to spend much time on these Sites, Apps, etc. but Tranzformedia has the best tips and advice! Karen continues to encourage me and I’m so grateful for all she has taught me so far! Onwards and Upwards!

    Strong Body Fitness


    I have met with Karen McCarthy a handful of times. In this short space of time, I have structured my business plans to highlight my key target areas, developed my social media strategy and been shown tools, techniques and key methods that maximises my exposure while minimising my precious time I need to devote to advertising. Karen is great to work with understands my needs and has been my little secret weapon.

    Strong Body Fitness


    Owner At Badaboom

    Karen McCarthy is the most knowledgeable person on social media strategy that I have encountered. She's hosted workshops in Nice where I have had the privilege to attend. Not only does she offer insights into the statistics of all the different social media tools, but she provides resources that help the management of digital marketing! I was able to apply immediately the tips that were given and I have already seen results in the increase of my public reach and engagement of my posts! Most importantly, she will reveal the strategic approaches of the different social media tools to empower your digital marketing! Plus she's so passionate that even if social media isn't your cup of tea, you will enjoy learning from her!!!

    Eye Design Graphics

    Colin Moran - I Eat Design

    Graphic Designer

    As a Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator I found the idea of using social media as a tool to promote myself both arduous and too time-consuming but Karen's course helped me breakdown these misconceptions and create an efficient workflow that works for me and my business.


    Magdalena Maj -The Secret Of Beauty Clontarf


    I enrolled for this course as I needed to improve my knowledge about social media. I not only learned how to create a marketing strategy also I got huge support from Karen. I improved my Facebook page and Instagram and I feel so much stronger about social media. Everything I learned has been so beneficial for my business.


    I would highly recommend this course. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me.

    Blue Third Music

    Michael McInerney - Blue Third Music

    Musician - Composer - Performer

    What I found most enlightening was learning of the wider implications of having a consistent social media presence/profile. The course takes the standard platforms that are available and shows in a clear and progressive fashion how to go about harnessing what might otherwise be random content into a more cohesive presentation of one's brand. I also found that I gained a deeper insight into the workings of the various algorithms associated with each platform allowing me to make more informed decisions regarding the type of content I put up. In fact, I think that's the crux of the course. How to target your content effectively to achieve the most engagement while at the same time remaining true to yourself and your brand 'voice', as such. Thus avoiding the usual pitfalls of the uninitiated to social media marketing, i.e. 'needy' calls to action.

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